I hate to do this, but I guess I will have to write something about myself.

I will try not to be boring and too obvious, something hard when it comes  to tell about oneself’s life, don’t you think?





Let’s start then………………………


Back to italy!

Alone again!

I hope this wasn’t too boring , We will try to add some pictures, to make the whole thing more alive.

See you soon, and please, be curious, ask life plenty of questions, eventually, life will answer in the most strange but rewarding ways ever possible.

Yours Daphnée



  • 1994-1997 Pino Annarella
  • 1998 Saverio Principini, Los Angeles (USA)
  • 1999 Saverio Principini L.A (USA)
  • 2007 Biagio antonacci ( voice on “Sognami”) and tour around Italy
  • then finally: F.R.O.G.
    Andrea Ruffini Lead guitar
    Vanni Breschi drums
    Lorenzo Consigli bass
    2008, this is when the band F.R.O.G. , got together.
    at the moment we have one more guitar player: Mario guidi

Biagio Antonacci & Daphnée – “Sognami” at Festivalbar 2007 

“Sognami” at Domenica in 2007

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